Orientation Week 2010

The IU Department of Telecommunications Graduate Program ushered in the Fall 2010 semester with orientation week activities, welcoming new grad students and reuniting returning ones. Here’s a quick glance of the orientation week happenings:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Orientation Week kicked off with breakfast and introductions in Studio 5.  Faculty, staff, new and returning grad students got a chance to meet and greet. View a quick video of introduction highlights here:

New grad students spent the rest of the day with Grad Director Harmeet Sawhney to learn the ins and outs of the graduate program. Later on, Professor and Facilities Manager Ron Osgood took the new students on a tour of the building, showing the studios, offices, and various classrooms.  The Radio-TV Building houses not only the Department of Telecommunications, but also WFIU and WTIU, the local public radio and TV stations. Check out some high points of the tour here:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Professor Susan Kelly spent the morning with new and returning grad students in an associate instructor training session “Micro-Teaching Preparation,” covering what to expect on the first day and beyond. Later, Professor Bryant Paul led new and returning grad students through a workshop on grading techniques and policies. See brief tidbits of Bryant’s words of wisdom in this video:

Interest Area Meetings took place throughout the building on several topics. Take a look at what occurred at each of the sessions:

Cognitive Processing of Media

Faculty and grad students discuss current research interests and ongoing projects at the cognitive processing interest area meeting.

Economics, Law and Policy

Mike McGregor introduces the faculty and welcomes grad students at the economics, law, and policy interest area meeting.

Design and Production

Students and faculty discuss current creative projects and ongoing production work.

New grad students also attended an associate instructor workshop on campus climate, conducted by Campus Instructional Consulting, and production-oriented graduate students took part in a Studio 5 training session to prepare for their AI work in upcoming undergraduate production courses. Later, all grad students prepared for micro-teaching sessions in small groups.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The graduate students convened to conduct several micro-teaching sessions, each presenting on a topic or interest area of their choosing. They received valuable teaching experience and feedback for improving their classroom skills.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New grad students participated in three workshops organized by Campus Instructional Consulting—The First Day of Class and Beyond, Discussion Techniques for Active Learning, and Three Strategies for Creating Success in the Classroom.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Professor Rob Potter led new grad students through the Institute for Communication Research (ICR) at Eigenmann Hall. The ICR hosts many student and faculty projects related to physiology, psychology, political communication, and other areas of research. See the abbreviated version of Rob’s tour in this video:

More Interest Area Meetings took place on Friday. Have a look at some photo highlights:

Sex and Violence in Media

Faculty members Andrew Weaver and Nicole Martins begin the sex and violence in the media interest area meeting.

New Media and Social Theory

Mark Deuze leads an interdisciplinary brain storming session at the new media and social theory interest area meeting.

Later, Professor Bryant Paul led the group critique session of the grading workshop. The week of orientation events and activities concluded with an evening reception for the graduate students and faculty at the grad director’s house.

For more glimpses of the week, check out these photos from orientation activities:

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Also, grab your 3-D glasses to view a photo of orientation introductions taken by grad student Chris Eller. The department is offering a cutting edge 3-D production course entitled “3-D Stereoscopic Digital Production and Storytelling” as a T540 (special projects course). For more information about the course, contact Professor Susan Kelly: skelly@indiana.edu.

Graduate students and faculty in the third dimension at orientation introductions.


Special Thanks

Siyabonga Africa: photographs during orientation introductions

Chris Eller: 3-D photographs during orientation introductions

Mark Deuze: for allowing us to use the sensibilities of “Media Organizations @ IU” blog


Nicky Lewis: Videographer and Writer

Katie Birge: Photographer and Writer