Telecom Intramural Sports and Sailing with Jim Krause

The first week of classes were underway last week, but the summer weather hasn’t given up on Bloomington yet. In honor of the warm days, we celebrate fall intramural sports. Several Telecom grad students and faculty participate in fall IMs here at IU, and this week we’re featuring those athletic academics.

We also feature the first segment in a forthcoming series on objects in faculty offices.  We bring to life the huge coastal map in Prof.  Krause’s office.

Intramural Sports

This week marks the beginning of intramural soccer season at IU, and the department’s team is ready for action. Featuring faculty and graduate students from Telecommunications as well as a handful of players from other academic units, the team has been improving over the course of the last two seasons, according to grad student Peter Blank.

Peter adds: “The team has some outstanding new players that add to the strength of a solid core group.  FC Telecom would be invincible if maybe one or two new players could harmonize the team even more.”

The weekly games, which are played on Thursday evenings at Karst Farm Park, are competitive any given week, but the department’s team eyes one particular game with even more zeal. Current PhD student Travis Ross, who plays for another team, Man Down, admits that his continued affiliation with a rival team has made for an intense rivalry.

Travis, who received his master’s in the School of Library and Information Science, was already playing for Man Down when he joined the department.  The problem, from FC Telecom’s point of view, is that he hasn’t considered leaving his original team. “I’m too attached to my team to switch now, and it’s fun playing against people you know,” Travis says of the decision. Fun, perhaps. But how much has the rivalry grown since its inception? During the department’s summer game against his team, Travis scored eight goals and boasted 4 assists, although Telecom has been victorious in the past.

What’s in store for this fall’s match up? Peter suggests, “If Travis’ team would start using their feet more instead of their hands, they will not stand a chance against Telecom.” Travis is hesitant to say who will come out ahead but notes that he’s been training heavily all summer. His main concerns are bulldozing Professor Mark Deuze, who Travis describes as “a rough guy and competitor” and Professor Steve Krahnke, who has “a real eye for talent,” a proclivity to pick up talented players from rival teams as the season progresses. We’ll see who comes out ahead this year, but in the meantime, catch up with the team (and sure, you can also watch Travis play if you want) on Thursday nights at Karst Farm Park.

If soccer isn’t your thing, you can still catch other scholar-athletes from the department in intramural sports later this fall. PhD student Lindsay Ems, who joined her first intramural team at IU in 2003, co-captains a team in several sports, including flag football and basketball when the weather cools down a bit. Lindsay’s team, Collective Action, was originally formed in 1999 and was comprised mostly of students from Sociology and Communication and Culture departments. Today the team consists of other departments, Telecom grad students, and more recently a group from IU’s nursing school.

Over the course of the past two years, the team has reigned victorious in both women’s flag football (2008 Champs; 2009 Runners-up) as well as Division II women’s basketball (2010 Champs). The team, which still has some of the original members from the 1999 team, has also played dodgeball, extreme dodgeball, and ultimate frisbee. Below is a photo of Lindsay’s 2010 Championship Basketball Team, with Telecom graduate students Satina Stewart and Anne Morningstar.

Graduate students Lindsay Ems, Satina Stewart, and Anne Morningstar with other teammates from Collective Action following their 2010 Div. II IM Basketball victory.

Objects in Faculty Offices, Segment 1: Coastal Map in Jim Krause’s Office

Professor Jim Krause took time this week to share one of his great joys in life: sailing.  Jim began sailing around the age of 16 at a music and arts camp in Interlochen, Michigan.  A self-taught sailor, he describes sailing as a multi-faceted experience.  More importantly, he loves that sailing can take you to incredible places that you couldn’t normally get to. Jim has spent an extensive amount of time sailing in the Pacific Northwest exploring remote islands and wilderness.  When he comes back to Bloomington, he spends time boating  on Lake Monroe watching sunsets and falling stars.  Jim considers Bloomington a wonderful place to live because in addition to sailing on Lake Monroe, he does a lot of trail running and kayak camping at Hoosier National Forest.  Check out this video tour of his office and hear Jim talking about his beloved map:

Thereafter see the map come to life in the majestic footage from his travels in the Pacific Northwest:

Sailing Montage

In addition to being an accomplished musician, Jim is a talented videographer who has documented many of his adventures.  Jim says the best thing about sailing is that is both technical and challenging.  You have to be self-sufficient to succeed.  These skills are needed to be successful in life in general.


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