Reed’s Athletic Adventures, Nic and Teresa’s Game Cave, Happy Halloween

Reed Nelson Rides, Runs, and More

Department of Telecommunications Financial Officer Reed Nelson is well-known for his playful personality and a great sense of humor around the main office.  What many may not know is that he participates in a wide-range of athletic activities, some for which he has gained notoriety.  He considers himself a wannabe athlete – participating in whatever sports are in season.  He has participated in three-on-three basketball tournaments, tennis competitions, and enters the city golf tournament every year.  When asked how well he performs in the the golf tournament, Reed replied, “I am one and done, no doubt, but I enjoy the challenge.”  One activity that has stuck over the years is his regular participation in mini-marathons.  Reed has competed in seven minis, mostly in Indianapolis, in the past six years.

Two weeks ago, he participated in the 44th Annual Hilly Hundred – an annual bike event that involves cycling through 100 miles of south-central Indiana terrain.  The Hilly Hundred has been showered with awards by Bicycling Magazine, including: Best Overall Event, Longest Running Event, Largest Event, Best Map, and Best Entertainment.  It takes place over two days, on a weekend in mid-October.  The first day involves riding through Monroe, Green, and Owen counties.  The second treks through Monroe, Owen, and Morgan counties.  People come from all over the country to participate, often on bike or in RVs and campers.  With over 5,000 participating this year, Edgewood High School in Ellettsville served as the event’s headquarters.  The school offers showers, meals, and a selection of craft vendors selling their wares.  Other activities include a costume contest and live musical entertainment at every rest stop.

Reed has been riding for six years, and serves as a volunteer and rider.  He helps direct traffic in return for a ticket to ride in the event.  “My favorite thing about the ride is that I’m on my own time.  I can stop to enjoy the views of the fall landscape and the musical entertainment.”  One more bonus?  “Since I live near the high school, the bathtub is less than a half mile from the finish line.”  As far as training is concerned, he begins biking at various mileages about three weeks out from the event in order to get prepared.

Reed’s athletic endeavors have not gone unnoticed.  Last summer, the campus division of recreational sports contacted Reed to appear in their annual calendar.  A representative asked Reed to come to the Student Recreational Sports Center (SRSC) dressed and ready to work out.  They took about 80 pictures in order to choose one for his March feature.  “I tried to smile, but my mouth started to hurt after awhile.  It felt like I was posing for wedding pictures.”  After the shoot, Reed didn’t tell anyone about the calendar except for Department of Telecommunications Professor and Chair Walter Gantz.  After the calendar came out?  He received about 40 emails from friends and co-workers all over campus commenting on his big photographic debut.  “I got a lot of emails at the end of February as everyone turned their calendars to the March page.  I even received 4 campus mail requests for my autograph.  I haven’t seen any of them on Ebay, though.”

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Sweet Spots: Nic and Teresa’s Game Cave

People have an attachment to space. They organize it and customize it. It reflects their values and interests. It is imbued with personality and as a result governs the activities which occur within it. Sweet Spots feature spaces that are important to individuals within our department.  

For graduate students Nic Matthews and Teresa Lynch, video games are an important part of life. They guide their research interests, fill up those rare moments of free time, and provide opportunities for marital bonding. For these two committed gamers, it only makes sense that a space in their home is dedicated to their hobby.

The game cave is an homage to the video game, possessing everything necessary for a day long gaming marathon, or a half hour study break. Impressive in its current form, the game cave is a culmination of years of collecting. The game cave features an array of consoles and an extensive game library to match. Hooked up are all of the next-gen consoles, the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Stored in the closet and brought out on occasion are the PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and Dreamcast. The most interesting of the consoles is the 3DO, Panasonic’s 1993 foray into the video game console market.  A random find at a used game store, Nic forked over $100 and walked away with a collector’s item.  The surround sound system came when Nic was in high school.  The crown jewel of the game cave is a 50” 1080p Panasonic plasma television, purchased with the money from the glorious first tax return after marriage.  In video games, black levels are paramount, and plasma screens offer the best black levels.  The leather loveseat serves as the room’s command center. Originally purchased by Nic’s Grandfather, the combination of Georgia heat and leather was too much, driving him to give it away. Nic was the lucky beneficiary.

For Nic and Teresa, the game cave is a shared space. While many games only allow for only one player, the few two player games on the market offer an opportunity to game together. Nic and Teresa prefer competitive games, which allow for a bit of friendly trash talk.  The proliferation of single player games does pose its fair share of problems. Most commonly, who gets the first crack at a new game? For those issues, the one most excited normally gets first dibs. For instance, The new Deus Ex release is Nic’s thing, therefore Nic gets first crack.  For gamers, if you aren’t armed with a  controller, watching is always an option. While Teresa doesn’t usually like to watch Nicksolo game, Nic is just fine watching. It’s relaxing, a way to chill out. In addition, it lets him experience horror games, a genre he wouldn’t ever play himself.

Although school limits the amount of time spent gaming, “things get crazy” on Weekends and Holidays. Neither Nic nor Teresa are strangers to all-day gaming marathons that normally coincide with the big releases like Call of Duty. Although rare, the game cave is well equipped to handle the activity, and whatever else Nic and Teresa put it through.

Random Photo of the Week

Guess who?  Happy Halloween!


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