Media@IU, Brown Bag

Media@IU Reception, by Mike Lang and Ken Rosenberg

On April 4th Media@IU  held its first reception. Sponsored by the Office of the Provost, and hosted at the Wells House the reception drew over 100 people from departments and schools across campus. While a strong contingent of scholars from Telecom, Communication and Culture, and Journalism were present, the event also brought together enthusiasts from Education, SLIS, Informatics, SPEA, Business, Political Science, Archeology, Anthropology, and a host of other departments and schools. We’ve already highlighted the initiative’s background and some of the players responsible for doing most of the legwork, and in this iteration, we are excited to bring you the sights and sounds of the event.

MS students Geng Zhang and Jennifer Talbott prepare for the Media@IU reception.

Geng Zhang, “the fun one” explains why Media@IU is so important and highlights the Media@IU team’s international flavor in her address to the audience.

Held in the beautiful Wells House, attendees walked through the main floor in order to get to the meeting room in the back.

Signing up for the email listserv or liking Media@IU on Facebook entitled attendees to a free shirt in either black or blue.

Danqing Liu talks about her involvement with Media@IU and traces the evolution of idea into reality.

Finger foods and an open wine bar set the stage for a night of friendly chatter.

Christy Wessell Powell, a PhD student in Education, talks about the resources Media@IU offers, and encourages faculty and students to develop collaborative research projects.

Built in place of the old pool, the meeting room’s windowed walls, and dramatic ceiling set the stage for evening’s transition to night.

Jennifer Talbott talks a bit about how widespread media research is at IU.

Danqing takes a picture of Mike taking a picture of Mark taking a picture of Mike. Reflexive, reflexive reflexivity?

Mark Deuze welcomes everyone to the reception, recognizes those involved, and explains Media@IU’s mission.

Provost Lauren Robel made the rounds, chatting with the attendees.

Provost Lauren Robel spotlights the fundamental intersectionality of media research at IU.

An attendee of the paint filled dance/party at Dunn Meadow found his way to the Media@IU reception.

Make sure to keep your eyes open for upcoming Media@IU events, and if you are at all interested in helping, head over to the Media@IU facebook page or the the Media@IU website.

Brown Bag

The Impact of Social Media on Agenda-Setting in Election Campaigns: Cross-Media and Cross-National Comparisons

Gunn Enli

The rise of social media and the digital technologies that facilitate them have been accompanied by a growing interest in participation and user-generated media. Issues related to the impact of social media on democracy and public debate raise significant questions of global interest, both in academic and popular arenas. Although social media like Twitter and Facebook have been characterised as tools for individualistic self-expression or social networking, these arenas also play increasingly significant roles in the public sphere and for political agenda-setting. Social media are interlinked with mainstream media, and should be understood a part of a cross-media environment or a hybrid media ecology.

The project will examine the following main research question: What characterizes the dynamics between social media and mainstream media in political agenda setting, and how does this dynamic impact the relationship between national and global public spheres?

The talk will present a newly started project, in which the main goal is analyze how the interaction between social media and mainstream media influence agenda-setting and public debate. The analysis will be comparative and aims to investigate to what degree the hybrid public sphere evolves differently in countries with different media systems, different political systems and population of different sizes. The selected election campaigns is the US Congressional and Presidential Election campaigns 2012, The Australian Federal Parliamentary Election campaign 2013, The Norwegian Parliamentary Election campaign 2013, and the Swedish Parliamentary Election campaign 2014.


Gunn Sara Enli is Assistant Professor at Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo, Norway. Her PhD-dissertation The Participatory Turn in Broadcast Television (University of Oslo. 2007) examined institutional, editorial and textual changes in the digital cross-media environment. She is co-editor and co-author of three Norwegian books, including Digitale Dilemmaer in 2008 (w/ Eli Skogerbø), and TV- an introduction (transl.) in 2010 w/Hallvard Moe, Vilde Sundet and Trine Syvertsen). Enli has contributed with book chapters to several Norwegian and international anthologies, and her work has appeared in journals such as Media, Culture & Society, Television and New Media, Convergence and European Journal of Communication.

The audio from last Friday’s seminar can be found here: Brown Bag 11 (April 6, 2012 – Gunn)

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