— Teresa Lynch and Ken Rosenberg

It’s that time of year again when we welcome the incoming crew of new students.  It’s an exciting time that sets the tone for the academic year for the incoming class and those of us who are returning.   Despite not being able to sleep in everyday or taking off for lake adventures on whim, the beginning of a new semester is, in a word, invigorating, as we get to know the new folks, reunite with peers and mentors, and engage in conversations that only grad school affords.

Telecom faculty, staff, and grad students met at Studio 5 for breakfast and intros.

This year the returning graduate students participated only in Monday morning’s meet-and-greet session and the closing reception on Friday night, as the redesigned micro-teaching sessions called for small groups of new grad students and limited participation by more experienced returning grad students.  Incoming students had building and lab tours, training sessions, and informational meetings over the week.

Reed Nelson. Master of finance and humor.

Incoming students attend micro teaching sessions led by Rob Potter

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