Visiting Faculty – Eunyi Kim

by Teresa Lynch

Professors choose to do different things with their time away from teaching and other duties when they go on sabbatical.  Eunyi Kim has come to IU from the University of Incheon in South Korea as a visiting scholar in our department.  Eunyi originally came to the United States in 1992 as a spouse, but soon after entered graduate school at Syracuse University.  She completed both her master’s and doctoral degrees at Syracuse and a post doctoral fellowship at the University of Colorado.  Both she and her husband served on the faculty of Texas A&M University before returning in 2006 to teach Korean universities.

Eunyi at the first lab meeting for the ICR

Her coming to IU was in part due to a chance meeting with Annie Lang at a conference in San Francisco some years ago.  Annie was on the organizing board and Eunyi was one of the junior office holders in the association.  Over the course of the next few years, the two bumped into each other at conferences; but, it wasn’t until she began searching for a place to visit on her sabbatical that she reached out to Annie. Much to her delight, Eunyi was offered not only a place as a visiting faculty member, she was also given an office, access to the Telecom’s ICR Lab (Institute for Communication Research), and the opportunity to take Rob Potter’s psychophysiological methods course this fall.  As a political communications scholar currently interested in new media, she has found herself comfortably situated among a faculty similarly oriented.

Eunyi is adjusting to life back in the U.S.  She admits that the transition in living styles is quite intense for her.  When she moved from Texas back to the dense urban environment of Seoul, it took her two years to completely readjust to the pace of city-life. Here she has been pleasantly surprised to discover the thriving Korean community in Bloomington.

Eunyi has enjoyed having her two sons with her in Bloomington.  Her elder son will soon be returning to California to continue his own academic pursuits as a double major in psychology and biology.  Her younger son started first grade at Rogers Elementary School here in Bloomington this fall.  The three have been enjoying the local farmers’ market, particularly a taste-testing booth where they’ve sampled many types of tomatoes. She has also spent time volunteering with the Monroe County Public Library where her younger son participates in the local chess club. In addition, she is learning Chinese along with her younger son. Her husband was in Bloomington for some time during summer and will return in December when he will begin his longer stay as a visiting faculty in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

We’re lucky to have Eunyi with us until next summer.  A warm personality, she was eager to hear as much about me as I was to hear about her.  She readily admits her love for meeting new people and learning.   She’s currently working over at the ICR in Eigenmann, room 637.  If you’re over there, make sure to say hi.

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