Sine Qua Nonsense

by Teresa Lynch

Not long ago, I was being introduced as the newest addition to the blog team.  It now falls upon me to pay that favor forward and welcome Edo Steinberg to the blog.  Don’t worry, Ken and I aren’t going anywhere.  Instead, we’re folding Edo into our mix in a capacity that best suits him: as a comedian.  Edo arrived here this year as a Ph.D. student to study political satire, but his love of humor doesn’t solely rest in scientific inquiry. Far from it, in fact.  I won’t try to steal his thunder, but I will flag that the newest voice from the blog will come from Edo in the way of his “Sine Qua Nonsense” memos.  What will the topics be?  Plentiful, I’d imagine.  But, we’ll just have to see what our resident comedian comes up with for us.  Look for his post to be out the last Wednesdays of each month and welcome to the team, Edo.

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