Fourth Brown Bag of the Semester – September 28, 2012

The audio from last Friday’s seminar can be found here: Brown Bag – September 28, 2012 (Andrew Weaver).

Andrew Weaver

Good behavior, bad behavior:  Moral perspectives in video games

In this talk, Andrew discusses a program of research examining the increasing utilization of moral decisions in video games. Depictions of morality have long been considered a key feature of narrative entertainment, serving to give audiences an anchor point and form dispositions of the characters. One of the key issues to address, then, is how the role of moral decisions changes in an interactive context. He also considers the features of game play that might encourage (or discourage) moral perspective-taking and the potential long-term impact of taking on new moral perspectives. Several scholars from both within Telecommunications and across the university are currently working on studies addressing these questions; data from some of these studies will be presented and current and future work will be discussed.

Andrew Weaver, PhD (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2006), is an Assistant Professor of Telecommunications at Indiana University, Bloomington.  His program of research could broadly be described as media psychology. That is, he is interested in why people consume certain types of content and how this content affects them.  His work is informed by what we know about mental processes. He currently has research projects in progress in three focus areas: media violence, moral choice in video games, and race and selective exposure.

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