Ninth Brown Bag of the Semester – November 16, 2012

Jared Lorince

Socially mediated decision making in a collaborative tagging system

The audio from this seminar can be found by clicking here: Brown Bag 9 (Jared Lorince)

Collaborative tagging systems, in which the labels assigned to a collection of information objects by many users are aggregated into “folksonomies”, have become a mainstay of the modern Web. But beyond being useful tools for organizing information, these systems provide rich datasets for exploring the interactions between individual decision-making and higher-level collective behavior. In this talk, Jared presents a research program exploring collaborative tagging from a cognitive science perspective, specifically focused on the social music site He provides an overview of what precisely collaborative tagging entails, detail our data collection methodologies, and present the results of our early explorations of that data.

Jared Lorince is a third-year PhD student in cognitive science and psychology at Indiana University, working in the Adaptive Behavior and Cognition Lab under the direction of Dr. Peter Todd. His research interests draw from several areas, but focus on how people search for information and make decisions in social information environments. He’s especially interested in collaborative tagging systems and the decision-making strategies people use when deciding what and how to tag.

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