A Man of Many Hats

by Teresa Lynch

Just as it becomes the make-yourself-feel-crazy busy season here in terms of workload, we at the blog are winding down. This semester we have recounted to you a few of the many wonderful stories playing out in and on the fringes of our department.  Hopefully, our efforts have given you some insight into what some of the folks in Telecom are up to these days. Perhaps our blog stories have even prompted you to chat with them about something they shared with all of us.   That, after all, is very nearly the entire point. But, as we come to a close of another semester, we will also be bidding adieu – at least in blog terms – to my co-contributor at the blog, Ken Rosenberg.

As the new gal on the (blog) block this semester, I had the chance to work alongside Ken. His deep dedication to the blog and the spirit of the blog is unparalleled – except perhaps by Harmeet’s. Reflecting back to when I started contributing for the blog, I remember Ken saying that the best thing about the blog was the opportunities it opened up for getting to know people. Not getting to know them the way you might in class or working on a study, but getting a glimpse of what makes them tick. If I can borrow from Harmeet – getting a feel of their texture. Ken was certainly right and I will agree that this is one of the huge perks of our job.

Ken is a man of many hats (literally). He’s known for his signature caps, his love of the Beatles, and his undying enthusiasm for video games. But, if you’ve been around our department at all and paying attention, you probably associate one thing with Ken – tea. You definitely wouldn’t be wrong to make that association. He sets up the tea at the brown bags, he provides tea for the blog meetings, and he’s happy to chat with anyone about the leafy beverage. He even brought me a bag of tea I had off-handedly commented on liking a week ago. What might not be readily apparent, though, is that in Ken’s weekly tea offerings is a sincere and serious generosity.

red shirt (low-res)

Writing for the blog is rough business… it messes with your head.

This quality of Ken’s character has made him an asset to the blog team over the past year. Now, he’s taking leave of his position as a blog writer and setting his sights on other endeavors. Monday morning blog meetings this semester have often consisted of Ken and Harmeet joking about things I didn’t quite follow. Not necessarily because of any necessarily esoteric quality of their humor – although, that was sometimes the case. But, more so because both of these fellows have marvelous senses of humor, finding laughter in many things. They click. They have worked well together. And, more importantly, they have a tremendous respect for one another. It has been a pleasure getting to know both of them better as a member of the blog team this semester.

In some ways, it was very much like any of the interviews that I have had with many of you. But, spread out. And, of course, with tea.

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