First Brownbag – Spring 2013

R. Yagiz Mungan

Digital Games as an Interdisciplinary Creative Process

In this presentation, I will argue that game development is an inherently interdisciplinary practice as it includes, but is not limited to programming, visual design, sound design, musical composition, 3D modeling and writing. As an instructor it is my goal to bring students to a point, where they can creatively use their knowledge – practically, conceptually and critically. This can be achieved by an educational philosophy that engages a variety of different views about games, such as: AAA games, indie games, experimental games, art games educational games or serious games. My own interest in experimental computer game development and interactive systems has given me a broader idea of what games can be and it has provided me with invaluable experiences about game production including management and collaboration. Based on my experience, key learned-lessons about teaching game development are: Creating an engaging environment that allows free expression of ideas and collaboration, learning the students’ cultural and educational backgrounds and adapting the class based on this information, creating conditions that the learned practice can be applied to out-of-class settings such as major university level game competitions and inviting guest speakers with different perspectives on games. These strategies result in a variety of game-related student skills that are applicable anywhere from AAA games to experimental game projects.

R. Yagiz Mungan is an MFA student in Electronic and Time-Based Art at Purdue University.  He received his MSc in Computer engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and his BSc in Electronics Engineering at Sabanci University in Turkey.

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