New Horizons

by Teresa Lynch

Welcome back to another semester of the blog! As you likely know by now, the man behind the blog since its beginning, Harmeet Sawhney, has taken a sabbatical this semester. During his absence, faculty member Ted Castronova has stepped up to mentor the blog and continue in grand style. As announced at the end of last semester, Edo Steinberg has joined on as a full contributor to round out the blog team.

As the blog has grown and established itself within our department, we have experimented with bringing new types of content such as Edo’s comedy segment Sine Qua Nonsense. In this spirit, we are implementing a new idea – getting some content from you!

First, each week we are going to ask for photos from you – dear readers – to be featured as the photo(s) of the week. At the end of the semester, we’ll take a departmental vote for the BEST picture of life in the department and the BEST picture of life in Bloomington. The winners of the photo contest will walk away with eternal glory and bragging rights to kick off their summer.

Next, we’ll feature a random quote in our new “Heard & Overheard” section. Although we ourselves may be the ones that hear these quotes, we hope you’ll submit your favorite quotable moments from the week. The quotes may be anonymous, just make sure your have the individual’s permission to submit the quote.

To submit this content, just email it to me or Edo.

Note: By submitting the pictures you relinquish them to us for current and future use on the blog. We will credit you for the photos in the original post and all subsequent posts made in story posts. However, if the picture is used for the blog banner credit will not be explicitly made. Questions? Just ask!
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