Calling All Creatives

by Teresa Lynch

President Poortinga introduces himself.“It came to me in a dream,” MS student Garrett Poortinga joked to a crowd of nearly 90 last Wednesday night in RTV’s large lecture hall. The group of graduate and undergraduate students who had gathered to talk media creation (and dine on Chipotle burritos) were answering a call-out for students from a variety of departments and schools across campus.

Rather than a dream, Garrett had been inspired to form Indiana All-Media (IAM) last fall when Alison Tyra, a Master’s student in SPEA interning with the Jacob’s School marketing department, reached out to him for input on a multimedia project for the music school. Garrett says at that time he “[put] a call out to find people interested in collaborating on the project” and he “quickly realized the students forming around this project had a strong desire to work on a diverse range of projects from video, photo, audio, [to] art based approaches.”

Inspired by the response and interest that project garnered, Garrett set to work establishing IAM. Officially speaking, the group became a recognized IU student organization in November of last year. In that time, IAM has transformed from a few members interested in media creation to an established organization with an executive committee, departments, and even its own constitution.Telecom graduate students attend IAM.

Structurally, the organization is much like an advertising or creative agency. This design Garrett say, will allow creative teams to fluidly tackle projects for clients both within the university and for the outside community. Essentially, the heads of each of the seven departments will lend expertise and structure to their areas and through collaborative efforts, students will mentor and be mentored to maximize their opportunities. Furthermore, Garrett says his hope is that he organization will serve as a portal between the student body and the community for creative services and learning opportunities.

So far, IAM has seven departments and department heads that will change every semester:

  • Art Installation, headed up by Cassie Harner (Fine Arts)
  • Audio, headed up by Garrett Poortinga (Telecom)
  • Finance, headed up by Leo Qiu (Business)
  • Marketing, headed up by Vincent Holloway (Business)
  • Photography, headed up by Baylie Miller (Fine Arts, Telecom)
  • Video, headed up by Michael DiBiase (Telecom)
  • Web Development, headed up by Travis Mott (Journalism)

Additionally, IAM has three executive members that will change annually:

  • President: Garrett Poortinga
  • Vice-President: Michael DiBiase
  • Treasurer: Leo Qiu

Indiana All-MediaIAM is still in its infancy, but the response to the call out was strong enough to incite a good bit of excitement. Garrett says the response and the wealth of ideas attendees were bringing to the table blew him away.

To learn more about the organization or get involved, visit the IAM website and be sure to like them on Facebook to get updates.

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