The Audio Professor on Ice

By Edo Steinberg

Prof. Rob Potter found himself in an ice skating rink for the first time when he worked in the radio industry. His station sent him to do Friday night promotions at a local rink in the Pacific Northwest. The fact that he had roller-skated regularly in junior high did not prepare him for the slippery surface. “I was barely able to stand”, he says. “I just went to the rink long enough to do my live broadcast breaks.  Other than that, I sat and drank hot chocolate and ate stale popcorn.”

Three years ago, Rob looked for a way to exercise in the winter, a season of which he is not a fan. Though he is a member of the Telecom running group (a.k.a, the Interdisciplinary Frontal Lobe Maintenance Association), he did not want to jog in the cold as other members of the group do. Ice skating at the Frank Southern Ice Arena near Bloomington High School North was the solution.

“I went to an “open skate” with my daughter and was really intimidated by the talent of people skating around me… fast”, he says. “And they could stop like hockey players and kick up ice shards into my wimpy face as I slipped along.”

Rob wanted to become a better skater. “So, I decided to take advantage of the wonderful deal that the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department has on lessons.  My two kids and I have taken two seasons of lessons.  And, I’ve gotten much better.  So now, when I went to an open skate session a few weeks ago, I was the one going fast and kicking up ice! Although not in anyone’s face.  I try to remember what it was like to be cautiously slipping around the rink, very close to the wall.”

Rob enjoys skating with his children during lesson times. “The Parks and Rec allows you to have 30 minutes of open skate time surrounding your lessons, so we go then and have a great time,” he says.

Certain times are better for skating than others. The first time Rob skated in Bloomington was on a Saturday and it was too crowded for his taste. Once he went on a Tuesday in the middle of the day. “I was the only one there.  It was fantastic!”

Below is a video of Rob skating backwards. He skates forward much more smoothly.

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