Good Luck, Teresa Lynch!

By Edo Steinberg

Last week we welcomed Mona to the blog, but we never bid her predecessor, Teresa Lynch, a proper farewell. On second thought, “farewell” may not be the best term, since she is still very much a part of the department. Teresa is now finishing up her MA thesis and starting her first year as a Ph.D. student. Over summer Teresa decided to leave the blog in order to teach. That was probably a smart decision, because she is teaching her own class this semester, rather than serving as an AI. In T340: Electronic Media Advertising she’s her own boss. She will definitely do a great job as instructor of record.

Teresa was an excellent partner to have on the blog. During story meetings, we would often discuss silly ideas we would never really put on the blog, with each person adding more layers of ridiculousness. Her deadpan sense of humor will be missed. She was also always willing to help with everything from technical difficulties to (real) story ideas.

Her influence on the blog lives on even after leaving the team. As a professional graphic designer, she is responsible for the look of the blog, which she redesigned when she joined the team a year ago. She designed the superb “Sine Qua Nonsense” logo, as well. She was also the driving force behind last year’s successful photo contest, where graduate students were asked to submit pictures of grad life and life in Bloomington.

Teresa said she has full confidence in Mona as her successor. She trusts Mona will do a great job on the blog.

So, we’re not saying farewell to Teresa, we’re saying good luck with whatever comes next!

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