Second Brown Bag of the Semester – September 13, 2013

Jesse Fox, Assistant Professor of Communication, The Ohio State University


Despite the growing number of women participating in video games and virtual worlds, sexism and harassment is a common experience for female gamers. I will discuss recent work on the incidence of harassment in online video games, predictors of video game sexism, and attitudes associated with video game play across the lifespan. I will also explore women’s virtual representation in these spaces as a possible source for the generation of sexist attitudes toward women in light of experimental findings. I will discuss implications for other virtual spaces such as social networking sites. Finally, I will discuss lingering questions and future avenues for research on sexism and harassment in virtual spaces.


Jesse Fox, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication at The Ohio State University and Director of the Virtual Environment, Communication Technology, and Online Research (VECTOR) Lab. Her research interests include the effects of sexualized and objectified depictions of women in new media, technologically-mediated communication in romantic relationships, and the use of avatars and virtual environments for the delivery of prosocial messages. Her work has appeared in journals including Media Psychology, Sex Roles, Journal of Social & Personal Relationships, and Computers in Human Behavior. She also authors the blog “Better Living With Technology” for Psychology Today.

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