Everything You Never Knew You Needed

By Edo Steinberg

singing gondolier

Singing Gondolier for your pool!

Long before they met each other, Mona Malacane and Michelle Funk had developed the same hobby. They both love looking through SkyMall, the catalogue you’ll find in the seat pocket in front of you on most flights in the United States. They haven’t bought anything yet, though.

For Michelle, her love of SkyMall started as a child. “It was more important to me than reading how to get out of the plane in an emergency,” she says. “Reading which pool floats are available was really cool.”

Mona also got hooked at an early age. “When we lived overseas, we would go on very long flights across the ocean, so I would sit there and read SkyMall catalogues three times,” Mona says. “I would read every single thing, all the descriptions, hoping one day to be able to afford them with my allowance.”

Recently, Mona and Michelle discovered that they shared this passion and started looking through the catalogues together. “I went to visit my boyfriend Matt in Tallahassee,” Mona says. “I took SkyMall with me, because it’s free. It had been the first time I had flown in a long time, so I had to look through it. When I was back in town I told Michelle, ‘you have to see this thing that I found.’ It might have been a life-sized Bigfoot garden statue. Then Michelle said she loves SkyMall, too, so that’s how we knew that we share this love.”

Wrinkle reducing face belt!

Wrinkle reducing face belt!

Both Michelle and Mona are about to attend NCA in Washington, DC later this month. Of course, they are very excited about the opportunity to present their academic work, meet fellow researchers, learn about the latest studies in our field and tour the city. However, they are also looking forward to their flight, when they will be able to get their hands on the fall issue of SkyMall.

One of the things they love about the catalogue is how ridiculous some of the products are. Would you like a Porch Potty, with a scented fire hydrant to attract your dog? Perhaps you’d like a hair rejuvenation system with headphones and a built in MP3 player?

Michelle compiled a list of six real items sold by SkyMall and six products she made up. Can you figure out which is which? Take our SkyMall Quiz!

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