Introducing Emma

By Mona Malacane

If you have been in the ICR lately, you’ve likely seen a few new faces. One of them is Dr. Emma Rodero, a visiting scholar from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Spain. She will be here for two years, funded by a grant from the European Union. Emma specializes in the cognitive processing of audio messages, particularly audio drama, advertising, and voice prosody. She will mostly be working in the ICR to learn all about the machines and operations of the lab. Her intention is to construct a lab similar to the ICR in Spain.

Emma's bike

Emma’s bike

You may, however, see her riding around town on her adorable bike, which creates quite a splash wherever she goes. “Everyone talks about my bike,” she laughed. “When I [ride my bike] in the street, people say to me, all the time, almost every day, ‘oh, what a nice bike!’ It’s very famous, my bike.” Emma is enjoying riding her adorable bike while she is here because she thinks that it would probably be snatched up in a heartbeat in Barcelona.

Emma and I talked at length about the differences between Bloomington and Barcelona, where she lives in Spain. She likes Bloomington “very much,” especially the people! “In Spain, we are colder than [Americans] … I think people here are very kind in the first contact, that’s a very important difference … You really feel this kindness in people, in restaurants, at coffee shops.” I couldn’t help but laugh when she explained this to me because usually Americans are stereotyped as loud and obnoxious.

How most Europeans view Americans

How most Europeans view Americans

Emma misses the sea and the hot weather though. Apparently people in Spain are on the beach right now … Must be nice.

In her spare time, Emma loves to exercise. She greatly enjoys dancing and takes classes at SRSC. In fact, her face lit up when she told me that she is taking the hip hop and Zumba dance classes. She also likes to watch sports on TV, especially tennis and basketball. One of the things she and her husband want to do while they are in Indiana is to see the Pacers play in Indianapolis. I tried to convince her to go to a few IU basketball games but I believe she has her heart set on watching a live NBA game.

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