Josh’s Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner

By Edo Steinberg

Josh Sites and his fiancée Alicia Eckert hosted a somewhat non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. They invited friends, including from Telecom, to a potluck for people who stayed in Bloomington, away from their families.

You could say that President Barack Obama wasn’t the only person who pardoned a turkey this year. Josh and Alicia did, too. They served ham instead. Many people ate it with the traditional cranberry sauce. Other dishes included pumpkin bread, mashed potatoes, and Josh’s spicy pretzel dip. The food was delicious.

"The Blademaster" is one of the many English titles of "Cave Dwellers", a film skewered by MST3K.

“The Blade Master” is one of the many English titles of “Cave Dwellers”, a film skewered by MST3K.

Instead of watching football, TV viewing consisted of a YouTube marathon of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), one of Josh’s favorite TV series. On the show, mad scientists trap a man in space with a few robots and perform a series of non-IRB approved psychological experiments on them by forcing them to watch terrible movies. The man and his robots cope by mocking the films, often quite hilariously. The episodes that aired while I was there included ones that mocked “Werewolf”, a film starring Martin Sheen’s brother Joe Estevez; “Cave Dwellers”, with the He-Man-like Ator, a hero so great that he can fly a hang glider and detonate a nuclear bomb thousands of years before either one was invented; and “The Final Sacrifice”, a horror film featuring a secret cult, human sacrifice and an ancient lost city rising from the ground in Alberta, Canada.

Although they have hosted other events before, Josh said that hosting a Thanksgiving dinner is different. “It’s a very adult thing to do.”

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