Thoughts and Feelings at the End of the Semester

By Mona Malacane

We have all been there. We’re all thinking it. And now I have put a few of the common issues we share at the end of the semester into gif form for your viewing pleasure.

1. That excited feeling at the beginning of the semester, when you feel like you can take on the world!

im ready

2. And by the end of the semester….

by the end of the semester

3. Your response to undergrads who email you at the 12th hour about grade adjustments.


4. The look you give that person who answers their phone or texts in the quiet section of the library.

answers their phone

5. When you really have to get down to business because you’ve procrastinated all semester and you resort to cutting yourself off from social media.

orange is the new black

6. Your kind, empathic adviser  when you start freaking out towards the end of the semester.

you is kind

7. That person who finishes their finals/papers/grading before you.

finishes before you

8. And your reaction to that person…


9. And when it’s all over and you when you walk out of your last final/turn in your last paper….

last final

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