Introduction: Multimedia, Multi-Art LC4MP Edition

By Edo Steinberg

Last month Annie Lang ran into former Telecom doctoral student Sam Bradley, now an associate professor at the University of South Florida, and his master’s advisor at Kansas State University, Bob Meeds, at Atlanta airport. Bob asked Annie if she knew about the YouTube video dedicated to her model – Limited Capacity Model of Mediated Message Processing (LC4MP). She immediately looked it up on her phone. The song, by Whirli Placebo (whose names makes us feel better for no good reason), with lyrics, is embedded below. Not to be constrained to only one art form, we also include Graduate Program Administrator Tamera Theodore’s sketch of Whirli Placebo’s conception of the LC4MP model, as well as a dramatic reading of the lyrics by Annie.

Annie took an immediate liking to the song. However, as a department dedicated to rigorous scholarship, we cannot publish theory-based music without objectively examining its scientific merits. We therefore requested an expert review by Dr. Bradley.

This is the first time anyone has ever written a song about Annie’s research. As far as we can tell, this is a first for anyone in our department. I would like to point out to Mr. Placebo that Annie’s latest theory – Dynamic Human Centered Communication Systems Theory (DHCCST) – is worthy of a musical adaptation, too.

LC4MP by Tamera Theodore

LC4MP by Tamera Theodore

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  1. I must offer a small correction, as I cannot take credit where none is due. During this unanticipated reunion with my doctoral advisor at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, I was accompanied by my master’s advisor, Dr. Bob Meeds, Qatar University, and it was Bob who had seen the video. As with Annie, I was previously unaware.


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