Summer 2014 Courses Telecom Should Offer

By Edo Steinberg


T506 Statistics for Telecommunications

Stop looking for stats courses all over campus! Now you can take this class, which will teach you how to perform ANOVAs, Chi-squared tests, and all the rest. Recommended for 71.7% of M.A. and Ph.D. students and 16.2% of M.S. students. Prerequisite: the ability to add and subtract.


T507 Social Networking Sites

Emotional, behavioral, and socio-economic issues in social media research. Prerequisite: friending the instructors on Facebook (and don’t you put them on “Limited Profile” mode – they’ll know! This is their area of expertise, after all).


T508 Songifying Communication Theory

Visiting Scholar Whirli Placebo will teach how to take your research out of journals and into YouTube videos. Prerequisite: talent or lack of self-awareness.


T513 Horror Film Production

Note: class will meet for one long session on Friday, June 13, 2014. Prerequisite: due to budget cuts, please bring your own cleaver.


T534 Excel Uses and Gratifications

Ryland Sherman will offer a special course on how to turn Excel into your lean, mean data analysis and visualization machine. Prerequisite: a basic understanding of what $A$1 means.


T578 Pornography Design and Production

We have sex researchers and media producers in the same department. Time to combine their talents. Class will meet in Room 169. Prerequisite: no giggling.


T600 Proseminar in Telecommunications Research

This special edition of T600, known as the Media Arts and Sciences Stage Frightened Speaker Series, is an opportunity for people to present their research to an empty room while everybody else is on summer vacation.


T666 Post-Apocalyptic Design and Production

Topics will include: how to film zombies from a safe distance, survival mechanisms, using carcasses as an energy source for production equipment, and how to edit out your own screams. This class is not the same as T513, a narrative fiction class where you make the horror. In T666, which is geared toward documentary filmmakers, the horror comes to you! Prerequisite: owning a gun and knowing how to use it.


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