The Many Emotions of Summer

By Mona Malacane

Summer is right around the corner! We are all looking forward to the bliss of sleeping in, not having to worry about grading/grades, not being shackled by deadlines, travelling to conferences, and getting some much needed Vitamin D. We all deserve – and should bask in – the R & R. Once you’re done with everything semester-related, you take those few days to unwind, relax, kick up your feet, and not think about work (<– all synonyms for day drinking).

Buuutttt let’s face it. We’re academics. We don’t really “take the summers off.” And when that numbed happiness starts to wear, these are the emotions that we will invariably experience.

After that last paper/exam/grading binge, you feel this:


And then this.

super excited

For 2-3 days after the semester is over …

not caring thing

And for about 3-7 days, life couldn’t be more relaxing.

watch tv

You shut down anyone who even tries to talk about work.

do not care

Maybe you go visit family or significant others, and they try and mimic your excitement for being done for the semester.


But they don’t really get it …

you dont get it

You do some traveling …


And then June rolls around and we don’t get paid …

on a budget

So you go anywhere there is free stuff.

free stuff

Early on, the avoidance of work looks like this …

start tomorrow

But then the knocking guilt of not working starts to get a lot harder to ignore. It sounds a little something like this…

take responsibility

So you start working half days and still enjoy yourself.

pretending to work

Even though you still don’t have that much monies.


And you start to feel a little lost without the structure of work …

who am i

Then you get that urge to just throw yourself back into work because you feel so terribly lazy and you are addicted to the instant gratification of being productive.


And you start counting the weeks (not the days because it’s still too far away) until school starts … time starts to move very slow.


Then you get the email from Tamera about orientation info. You know you missed her.

thank you

You feel rested and ready to get back into the grind, even looking forward to it.


But for now … but right now

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