Orientation 2014

By Mona Malacane

Welcome back everyone! The time of year to shake off the summer brain and learn a new schedule is here again. To kick it all off we began in a new place, meeting in Studio 6 instead of Studio 5 – a nicer ambiance with the lighting and set design if you ask me.

Studio 6

Amy introduced herself first… just in case!

If you weren’t able to join us for the Monday meet-and-greet then let’s just say you missed an entertaining show… Walt commenced the morning with the disclaimer that Amy Gonzales may or may not go into labor within the hour and a half we would be together. I’m sure Amy is thankful that she could stay for the entire session.

Also noteworthy of this year’s orientation was the 8 minute late start. Something new with Walt, who is known to be a stickler for being on time.  Apparently, he let things drift because he wanted to give people who were having fun over coffee and bagels more time …

This year’s introductions were full of interesting info as ever: Ashley Kraus offered her new puppy, Jack, for snuggles if you’re going through some rough patches during the semester; Annie reminded us all again that “knowing” is a constant pursuit… depending on your beliefs that is; common hobbies and activities – namely Dr. Who, Star Trek, and running – were shared to welcome our new friends of similar interests. Unfortunately we didn’t have any

Everyone, meet Jack. He’s adorable.

relationship status announcements like we did last year (perhaps we can just check Tinder for those?), but a few summer wedding announcements – and honeymoons – were congratulated and cheered. And of course we got to learn a little about the new graduate students! I’m sure we will get to know them all better over the course of the year, but to get a jump start on this I asked them in a later session to share a little about themselves that they didn’t get to say in their 2 minute intro.

Click on the names below to see what they said!





New grads, everyone wishes you the best for the first semester and I think I speak for (almost) everyone when I say that we are always here if you need help with anything (including those questions that you think are dumb but really they aren’t). In fact, please keep reading below for a short list of advice from some current grad students that may help you get started on the right foot :)

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