Lean, Mean, Kick-balling Machine

By Mona Malacane

Some graduate students fill their Thursday nights with grading, writing papers, reading articles, catching up on their DVR, or gathering at Crazy Horse. But Ashley Kraus, Glenna Read, and Teresa Lynch, have been spending their Thursday evenings a little differently lately … As the lean, mean, kick-balling machine of Telecom.

Formidable kickball athletes

Formidable kickball athletes.

This semester, Ashley (a kickball veteran), Glenna, and Teresa are playing for Team Swift Kick in the Grass, one of 12 kickball teams in a league organized by the Bloomington Adult Sports Club. The rest of their team is made up of other kickball enthusiasts from the Bloomington/Bedford area (including some SPEA students). So far, the crew has played four games, with a record of 2-2 – their most recent W is from last week’s game against the Alcohballics.

They all play different roles on the team and appreciate different aspects of the sport. Teresa plays infield at second base and switches with another team member as first base coach. If you know Teresa Lynch at all, you won’t be surprised to learn that her favorite aspect of the game is the competitiveness and kicking butt and calling names; she currently leads the team in “RKIs” (runs kicked in). Ashley covers the outfield and says that her strength is “avoiding getting on base.” Glenna handles the left center of the infield and her highlight of the season so far was catching the game-ending fly ball when they played against last year’s league champions, Derby Sanchez.

Team Swift Kick in the Grass after beating the Alcohballics 8-2

Team Swift Kick in the Grass after beating the Alcohballics 8-2.

But competition and winning aside, Teresa summed up their favorite part of playing kickball together quite nicely, “It’s fun getting together with people and doing something that isn’t school related and is not drinking … so often we just get together and go to bars. It’s nice doing something active.” I’m sure the Telecommandos, FC Telecom, and the Telecom running group would all echo this statement.

Although I’m not part of any Telecom intramural teams and therefore can’t speak from that experience, I still think it’s great to feel camaraderie with your colleagues both on a field and in the building – a feeling that I think we foster pretty well in our department. Because in the end (yes, I’m going to use the trite saying), it’s all about having fun.

Their team motto: “Sometimes we win … sometimes we lose … but we always have fun … unless we don’t …”

So if you want to go and support Ashley, Glenna, and Teresa, and the rest of Team Swift Kick in the Grass at Olcott Field, they would love cheerleaders! They only have two games left in the regular season (schedule available here) so go out and cheer them on into the playoffs!

Go to a game, you know you want to.

Go to a game, you know you want to.

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