Question of the Week

You may notice a theme of sorts in this week’s blog. It is rather “Edo-centric.” From an article about the Edo-lead improv team to the sine qua nonsense post and even this week’s question, it is all Edo, all the time. The blog question of the week was actually inspired by the writing that mysteriously filled the whiteboard in the lab over the summer (See below).


Unfortunately, it seems the Department didn’t want to commit to writing an Edo quote on the grad lab board when prompted, although they did enjoy discussing Edo-isms on Facebook and in real life. Of the quotes not posted, here are some of the best:

From Josh (whose reliability when it comes to authenticity of quotes is somewhat sketchy): “What? No, I won’t give you a quote.”

From Niki (who heard this in an interview she stupidly did not record): “I’m an edo-maniac.”

And the very meta-quote that Teresa posted directly after Edo reflected on this week’s poor question of the week participation: “So far,  this is the question of the week with the least responses. This is negatively affecting my self-esteem.”

Buck up Edo! We all know that no one is as punny as you!

question of the week edo

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