The Magic of Halloween

By Mona Malacane

Some people would say that the winter holidays – Christmas, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, Black Friday – are the most wonderful time of the year. For others, it’s Valentine’s Day. But here in our little pocket of the university, I think it’s safe to say that for many of us, Halloween is something special.

Chauncey, Kelsey Prena's dog, enjoys getting dressed up for Halloween

Chauncey, Kelsey Prena’s dog, enjoys getting dressed up for Halloween.


For us, August orientation isn’t complete without at least some chatter of the annual Halloween party. Since mid-September, I’ve overheard a handful of people talking about their costumes and even received a few suggestions on what I should be. It’s also the time that professors start bringing in candy to reward (mostly undergraduate) class participation. Not to mention, this one topic has generated four (one, two, three, four) blog posts. (Which is saying a lot because Harmeet prefers novelty with blog stories.)

How about these two cool kids, Glenna Read and Nic Matthews??

How about these two cool kids, Glenna Read and Nic Matthews??

So what makes Halloween so magical? Is it because it reminds us of childhood? When one of the hardest tasks of life was rationing out your candy to make it last as long as possible? Is it just a good excuse to party? Or to show off our creative side? Maybe it’s a combination of those two – that we can temporarily step away from ourselves, play pretend, and blow off some cathartic steam? Perhaps it is as simple as people enjoying theme parties and/or traditions? I mean, our Halloween parties are pretty epic. Or maybe Edo was right … that Halloween is a mechanism through which we can communicate subliminal messages …

I’m sure there is some theory that explains why we love Halloween so much in this department, but I am not going to look for it. Instead, here are a few things that I think make Halloween awesome.

Now that we’re adults, our parents can’t control how much candy we eat.










We also don’t have to go beg strangers for said candy.










Only to be disappointed with crap like apples or floss.









But then again, we don’t get free candy …

not fair









The up side: drinking your calories is more fun sometimes …

trick or treat












You don’t have to suffer from embarrassment at the costume your parents picked for you.

bad costume










Instead, you can dress up as whatever you want! No permission required.

any costume







And boogie to some spooky tunes.








But don’t think about it for too long because it can be a little depressing …

too old

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