Another Awesome Telecom Halloween Party


For the past few years, Halloween in the Telecom Department has been synonymous with one big ole epic party. This year, thankfully, was no exception. After back-to-back awesome parties first at Travis’s and then at Rachel’s house last year, Glenna Read graciously offered up her Prospect Hill home for the annual celebration.

“Some folks had mentioned that they were worried that no one would have the space to host the Halloween party,” Glenna explained. “It seems like an important tradition in the department and a great opportunity to hang out and get to know people outside of the school setting. I didn’t want that tradition to go away.”

The tradition of teamwork continued as well. Nic, Teresa and Ashely came over early to help “spookify” the house, Issac brought speakers for the dance party and Glenna’s boyfriend Ben did the cleaning. The group effort paid off, and the Telecom party was a raging success despite the snow (seriously there was snow!) and generally miserable weather. Telecomer’s mixed and mingled inside, eating food and discussing gaming ethics while outside in the garage, a perfectly crafted playlist and some glow sticks kept the dance party going all night long.


From the swarms of people gathered in Glenna’s beautiful straight-out-of-Pinterest home, it is hard to imagine that just last year, Glenna and Ben were commuting and not official Bloomingtonians. According to Glenna, the move to Bloomington has been amazing for both of them.

“We have so many more friends!” Glenna told me. “It’s nice to have a (semi) social life again.  We love Bloomington.”

And Bloomington (and the Telecom Department) loves Glenna and Ben. Another massive thank you for hosting Glenna and Ben! You guys rock!

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