Telecom Time Capsule

By Mona Malacane

With the Media School officially inaugurated  and the moving date on the horizon (hooray, more construction!), we are onto bigger things …

But transitional changes are sometimes sad and, no matter how much you’re looking forward to the change, I think it’s pretty normal to feel your throat tighten a little when you think about what we will be leaving behind … It is wonderful that we’re moving to a new, renovated (hopefully more naturally well-lit) new home but it is sad to be leaving the ol’ RTV behind. I mean, it’s been a good home for 51 years and no matter how annoying the construction and scarce parking is, it’s a little bittersweet to be leaving.

So last week’s blog story got me thinking, if we were to bury a time capsule for Telecom, what would be in it? (Please note the irony here: a pixels department burying a time capsule.) Reed started my thoughts going with his comment that  he would include some crumbled papers from the times the copy machine jams.

glass case

Ancient Telecom goods.

Now here are a few things I would add to that list:

  • A few things from the glass display cases downstairs
  • The TV 169 room sign
  • In case the Internet dies, transcripts from all of the past blog stories (preferably with gifs included)
  • Sugar cookies from the T600
  • The card readers for the grad lounge and grad lab (perhaps they will work better after having a few decades of rest)
  • A picture of the greatest ever grad lab whiteboard mural
  • Edo’s chocolate balls
  • Tamera’s LC4MP doodles
  • Perhaps some of the interesting papers that are currently stuck to faculty doors
  • Past pictures of the whole gang gathered on orientation Mondays
  • The very first batch of T501 final papers (if Annie still has them)
  • A few of the conference snow globes currently overflowing in the ICR
  • Department of Telecommunications coffee mug
  • Tamera’s rear view mirror
  • A picture of the view of the Arboretum from the 3rd floor (one from Spring and one from Winter)
  • And maybe one or two of the graduate student mailboxes

I’m fully aware of the hypocrisy in this list of things that I will miss, the majority of which are things that are kind of annoying about the building … But, to be honest, these things are irksome in the way that a younger sibling can get on your nerves: you sometimes hate them, most of the time you like them, but no matter what, you always love them. So if there comes a time when we (i.e. the powers that be – Walter Gantz) decide to turn this hypothetical time capsule into a real one, be thinking about what you would add! Or send your ideas to me and we can add them to this list!

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