Sine Qua Nonsense

Thanksgiving Edition

Some readers may erroneously believe that Sine Qua Nonsense has nothing but a negative and cynical worldview. The last post before Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to prove those readers wrong by expressing gratitude for different people and things in the department.

First of all, I am thankful to the Telecom Grad Blog for nursing my narcissism. Where else would I have the opportunity to spew unsubstantiated claims? Sure, I can do this on social media and my research papers, but only the blog gives me the illusion that hundreds of people look forward to my words of wisdom every month.

I am thankful for the grad lab, which is a great place to overhear other people’s research, write it up yourself very quickly, and publish it before they do. See this as a heads up, teams currently working on a project for Betsi’s content analysis class.

I am also thankful for the grad lab’s whiteboards, another place to flame my narcissism as well as send out hidden messages in the guise of silly cartoons. Why did I call the boney bird in the Halloween drawing a skeleton owl rather than an owl skeleton and why did I draw Ebola Man? There must be deeper meaning to it all.

I am thankful for awkward conversations with Walt. You never really know when he’s serious and when he’s deadpanning. He pretends to be disappointed when someone doesn’t get that he’s joking, but really, deep down, he enjoys it immensely.

I am thankful to whoever stole a wall from the Museum of Modern Art and put it in the AI office together with matching tables. It allows for happy “me time” during office hours, those two hours a week when we make ourselves available to students and students make themselves scarce.

I am thankful for the fact that the sidewalk between RTV and the library has finally reopened. I don’t need to run a lap around the arboretum to make it to my bus anymore.

I am thankful to my fellow “Faces of NPR” improvisers for letting me make them do goofy things. It will pay off academically, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education!

Speaking of the improv group, I am thankful to NPR for not suing us for trademark infringement. Of course, they probably never heard of us. If they do ever find out about our motley crew of unscripted joke-tellers, we can defend ourselves by claiming NPR in our case stands for Nervous Pimple Reaction.

I am thankful for rarely needing to open my mailbox. When I do, I am thankful to Tamera for helping me after I fail a thousand times on my own.

I am thankful for the fact that Indiana winters eventually end. For that reason, I am thankful that Indiana University is not in Minnesota. “But that wouldn’t make sense,” you say? Tell that to Indiana University of Pennsylvania (which is not affiliated with either IU or UPenn)!

Finally, I am thankful for blog posts that don’t end suddenly.sine_qua_nonsense


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