Third Brown Bag of the Semester – February 13, 2015


Barbara Cherry, Julian Mailland, and Matt Pierce, Department of Telecommunications, Media School

Network Neutrality Reaches a Tipping Point: Restoring Common Carriage – and That’s Not Radical!

On Sept. 19, 2014, Barbara Cherry, Julien Mailland and Matt Pierce gave a presentation “IU Telecom goes to Washington: Influencing Federal Policymaking on Network Neutrality.”  On February 13, 2015, they will provide an update of significant developments in the FCC’s proceeding, Open Internet Access NPRM, on network neutrality.

Most recently, on February 4, 2015, FCC Chairman Wheeler announced that a draft order, to create a legal framework for imposing rules to support network openness, is being circulated among the FCC commissioners.  Importantly, the legal framework will be based on classification of broadband Internet access service as a Title II, telecommunications – that is, common carriage – service.  The FCC is scheduled to vote on the order in its open meeting on February 26.

Barb, Julien and Matt will discuss significant political as well as research activities – with which they have been involved – that have contributed to a major shift in the debate.  They will also discuss the further political developments, both in Congress and in the courts, that are likely to arise from the anticipated FCC order.


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