Sine Qua Nonsense

Pros and Cons of Joining Our Program

April 15 is fast approaching. For most Americans, that’s the deadline to file tax returns. For accountants, it is a little known holiday called the Festival of Finally Getting Some Sleep. In academia, it is the date by which admitted students need to decide which universities and programs to attend. As a service to potential graduate students deciding whether to accept the Media School’s offer of admission, let me point out our strengths and weaknesses.

Our main pro is our excellent faculty. As I near the end of my own program and start thinking about the letters of recommendation I will need when I go on the job market, I realize how absolutely brilliant our professors are. Their research is the very best in the field; their teaching style the most engaging. They are all smart, beautiful, kind, and have been blessed with a great sense of humor. Have I mentioned that I’ll need letters of recommendation?

Another pro is that the Media School is so new, nothing has been set in stone. Want to study something crazy like the effect of live-tweeting while you bungee jump on your heart rate? “That approach is so old Telecom/Journalism/Communication & Culture,” tell anyone who says we don’t do that kind of research here. “We’re the new Media School now. We think outside of the box.” The con is that the IRB is still the same IRB. It may not allow you to throw research participants off a crane.

The new classes here are another pro. We will be more interdisciplinary, bridging the gap between critical-cultural studies and social science. It will be an epistemological, ontological, methodological, and entomological extravaganza. If you don’t yet know which of the words in the last sentence doesn’t belong, don’t worry – all will be revealed by the time you finish your first year, if not your first semester.

A major con of coming here is that we will be located in Franklin Hall, right on Kirkwood Avenue, next to Bloomington’s best bars and restaurants. You will be forced to socialize with fellow graduate students due to geographic proximity. If you dislike people, fun, and/or unhealthy food, beware.

Of course, graduate programs are all about fit. You will have your own set of pros and cons. For instance, if you are a fan of this blog, having the privilege of meeting Mona, Niki, former bloggers, and myself, is a consideration that the weirdos who aren’t members of our fan club would never think of.

For more useful information that might help you decide whether to come study here, download Yik Yak, come to campus, and hope somebody anonymously Yik Yaks something personally relevant to you while you’re here.


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