Things Grad Students Like

By Mona Malacane

I imagine that for many people the last two weeks of the semester can feel something like this …

the end of the semester

But the end is almost here everyone! And if you need some inspiration, motivation, or tips on procrastination to get you through it, please continue reading.


Easy scheduling of a committee meeting. Seriously, opening an all green Doodle is like heaven.

easy committee scheduling

Polite emails that include a greeting, a coherent message, and then a thank you.

polite email

Two words: Free food.

free food

… and $2 Tuesdays at Sports.

2 dollar at sports better

Superior coffee and non-routine refreshments.

superior coffee and nonroutine refreshments

When people come to your office hours to talk about something other than grades, grade adjustments, grade disputes …

office hours

That feeling after you give a flawless presentation of interesting results and answer every question successfully.

flawless presentation better

When students laugh at your corny jokes.

laughs at joke

Getting something (anything) right and someone else notices.

getting someting right

When your conference registration is waived!

waived conference regis

Positive AI evaluations.

positive AI evals

When students pay attention and engage during 9am Friday discussion sections.

when students pay attention

Significant p values.

sgnificant pvalues

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