Drawing of the Month

It has come to the blog team’s attention that the drawing of the month has mainly become a collaborative art project between Edo and Niki as the rest of the department seems to be focusing on more important things like ICA deadlines and classwork. Luckily Niki and Edo put collaborative whiteboard murals on the top of their lists of priorities and we have a few unique additions to the mural this week including a critique of Niki’s Battlestar Galactica ship and ebola man. There is only one more week left in the mural project so make sure to get in your contributions before this year’s epic Halloween party!

drawing 4

Drawing of the Month: Halloween Edition

The Drawing of the Month is starting to lag a little bit. This week the only addition was that of the Battlestar Galactica ship, which was admitting done by Niki and clearly a ploy to try to get other people to add their costume ideas to the board. (Clearly her ploy failed.) There have been some excuses such as a lack of other colored markers and the fact that the board seemed so filled already. But the grad team thinks there is still plenty of room for some creativity. With two weeks til Halloween, we want to see your best scary stuff!.

Oct drawing 3

Drawing of the Month: Updated Halloween!

There are just three short little spooky weeks standing between us and the famous Telecom Halloween Party! Now that we have an official host (you rock Glenna!), it is time to start adding some detail to the Halloween mural. This week, Glenna the Good Witch of Telecom was added as well as the head of last year’s roasted pig! There is also some sort of strange vampire dog hanging out in the clouds, which is very creative! Also thanks to whoever reserved a spot on the mural for a GIF. Let’s add some more detail to the mural people, like maybe some creepy things in the tree or a hint as to what your Halloween costume this year is going to be.

oct drawing

Drawing of the Month: Halloween Edition

The blog team can’t deny it; we are PUMPED for Halloween. That excitement combined with the desire to do a little something different for the month of October, led us to attempt something new. We created the “Drawing of the Month” to replace the “Question of the Week” for this month. We were hoping it would inspire some collaborative storytelling and get the Halloween costume ideas stared. The drawing of the month is also a homage to the epic murals that used to grace the big white board in the lab in years past.

Niki started the drawing with her attempt at a “scary” haunted house. Please try not to judge as her drawing skills clearly were stunted somewhere around fifth grade.

image (3)


At first the contributions came in a bit slowly with just one lonely little skeleton. But then, overnight, the drawing came to life with some inspiring additions including some gravestones, a deadline-enforcing ghost and a blog team favorite, a skeleton owl. These contributions are prepping the grad lounge for yet another season of Halloween magic. Please keep adding to the drawing over the month. We would love to see some more meta contributions and maybe even an ontological joke or two!